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             Belle Star is a Psychology graduate of Barat College in Lake Forest Illinois.

              She has experience in various 12-Step programs. 

              She holds a 2nd degree in Reiki and is a Yoga Kriyaban in the Self-Realization Fellowship. 

              She has had three years of Huna training in Soul Recovery, Energetic Rebalancing  

              and Negative Energy  Removal.

              She has had extensive training with Brugh Joy MD in uncovering Archetypal  Patterning. 

              She has studied Dream Analysis many years with Jeremy Taylor. 

              She is a permanent staff member of the Institute of the Nine Gates Mystery School. 

              She is also a certified Master Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.

              She has five children, five grandchildren.

              She lives in Boulder Colorado with a really nice partner, author James Denny Townsend

              and a really nice cat named Mocha.

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